Management Across Cultures: Developing Global Competencies


Written by Richard M. Steers, Luciara Nardon, Carlos J. Sanchez-Runde

The third edition of this popular textbook has been thoroughly expanded and updated throughout to explore the latest approaches to cross-cultural management, presenting strategies and tactics for managing international assignments and global teams.

With a clear emphasis on learning and development, this new edition introduces a global management model, along with enhanced ‘Applications’ and ‘Manager’s Notebooks’ to encourage students to acquire skills in multicultural competence that will be highly valued by their future employers. These skills have never been more important in a world where, increasingly, all managers are global managers and where management practices and processes can differ significantly across national and regional boundaries.

This textbook is suitable for students taking courses on international management, as well as those on executive training programmes.


“A wonderful guide both for the student who is a ‘global neophyte’ and for students who have had the opportunity to live and perhaps work overseas. This is one of the best international management textbooks that I have come across in thirty years of working in the field.” – Mark E. Mendenhall, University of Tennessee

“This book should be required reading for students of international and cross-cultural management and will appeal to managers (or anyone) working internationally and with a culturally diverse workforce.” – Audra I. Mockaitis, Monash University, Australia

“Management across Cultures is a must-read for all business students and professionals alike who need to acquire the critical cross-cultural competencies necessary for success in today’s global economy. The authors, with their extraordinary background in international management, have masterfully woven accessible theory, practical application, cases, and actionable approaches for competency development.” – Paula Caligiuri, Northeastern University, Boston

“Global organizations need to develop international managers into global leaders capable of understanding diverse cultural views about the world and transforming them into successful strategies. Management across Cultures is an essential book that offers us unique cultural insights and management tools to develop multicultural capabilities for our future global leaders.” – Anabella Davila, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

“The new edition of this textbook will be a vital resource for any student of international management as it offers a comprehensive coverage of perspectives and models in cross-cultural management as well as case studies that highlight the current realities, challenges and dilemmas faced by executives operating in the global business environment today. Managers seeking to enhance their cross-cultural understanding and skills to solve management problems will find this book both relevant and accessible.”  – Ang Soon, Nanyang Business School, Singapore