Why Reflective Journaling

I have practiced reflective journaling daily for almost thirty years. I started a journal after I read Julia Cameron’s “The Artist Way” and was intrigued by the idea of morning pages, a daily ritual of writing by hand whatever comes to mind upon waking as a tool to increase creativity. As I started to appreciate the journaling experience, I began to explore the literature on reflective practice and experiment with more structured approaches to writing and reflecting. Reflective practice grew on me and became the primary mechanism through which I make sense of issues, sooth my emotions, and plan for the future. 

My book, Working in a Multicultural World, draws on reflective practice to develop a series of exercises to develop intercultural competence. As a coach, I often suggest reflective exercises to my clients. In this site, I am sharing many practices I have come to like and use for myself or with coaching clients and students. Reflection is a very personal activity. While some thrive on structure, others find too much structure stifling. I encourage you to experience with different practices to see what works best for you. Enjoy!

To know what reflective journaling is and how to get started, go here.