100-Questions List

Here the list of questions so far!

Solution-Focused Interviewing

  1. What would you like to change about this?
  2. What would be helpful for us to talk about now?
  3. What difference will reaching this goal make in your life?
  4. How important is this goal to you? On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 represents minimum importance, and 10 represents great importance, what number would you assign this goal? How did you get to that number?
  5. The exception to the problem: Tell me about a time when the problem did not happen? What was different then? What did you do or think differently?
  6. Preferred future: these questions explore how things will be different when the problem is solved. When this issue is resolved, how will your situation be better for you? Suppose tonight, when you went to sleep, a miracle happens, and this problem is solved. When you wake up tomorrow morning, what would be different? How would you be different?
  7. Coping questions: how have you managed to cope with this problem as long as you have? What have you done to keep this situation from getting worst?

Clean Language Questions

  1. (And) what kind of X (is that X)?
  2. (And) is there anything else about X?
  3. (And) where is X?  or (And) whereabouts is X?
  4. (And) that’s X like what?
  5. (And) is there a relationship between X and Y?
  6. (And) when X, what happens to Y?
  7. (And) then what happens? Or (And) what happens next?
  8.  (And) what happens just before X?
  9. (And) where could X come from?
  10. (And) what would X like to have happen?
  11. (And) what needs to happen for X?
  12. (And) can X (happen)?

Pre-Interview Questions

  1. Please briefly tell me about yourself
  2. In regard to (topic of the study), what is a priority for you right now?
  3. In the short term, what objectives do you most want to work on or pay attention to?
  4. What major changes have taken place in your life in the last six months that have impacted your experience of (topic of the study)?
  5. The problems or challenges I most want to overcome right now are…
  6. What I most would like to discuss in our meeting is…

The Power of Six

  1. What do you know (about that)? 
  2. And what else do you know about that? (5 times)
  3. And NOW what do you know about that?