Transformative Journey

I started this project because, after many years of researching the challenges facing immigrants, I felt it was time to contribute to the solution.

Scholars are increasingly concerned with the social impact of research, particularly in applied fields like business or communication. One solution, a solution I subscribe to, is engaged and responsible research. In particular, research that makes an impact throughout the research process, not only after the research is complete and results are communicated.

However, as I started to consider how I could use my interactions with research participants as an intervention, I realized my academic training has not provided me with the tools to support others.

I then started on a journey of transformation myself, learning everything I could about coaching, interviewing, and communicating in supportive ways. I started by undergoing coaching training with Integral Coaching Canada, which provided me with tools to engage in the coaching role. I am following that up with clean language training to further my ability to stay clean and not impose my views on others. I am also reading a lot (that is what sabbaticals are for!) about different coaching and therapeutic traditions.

Fortunately, I am not alone on this journey. My Carleton colleague and dear friend Amrita Hari has joined me in this journey and broaden the scope of my exploration beyond the confines of management into the broader social sciences. We have now completed one project using Transformative Interviews with international students and are midway through another project with immigrant women. We are also doing a systematic literature review on interventional interview techniques.

This blog chronicles our discoveries along the way. It is an opportunity to document our learnings in this practice and engage with others that, like us, are passionate about making a difference through research.